Arabic Verbs & Essentials Of Grammar

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In this activity book you'll find 100 key words for you to learn to read in Arabic. All of the activities are designed specifically for reading non-Latin script languages. Many of the activities are inspired by the kind of games used to teach children to read their own language: flashcards, matching games, memory games, joining exercises, etc. This is not only a more effective method of learning to read a new script, but also much more fun. We've included a Scriptbreaker to get you started. This is a friendly introduction to the Arabic script that will give you tips on how to remember the letters. Then you can move on to the eight Topics. Each topic presents essential words in large type. There is also a pronunciation guide so you know how to say the words. These words are also featured in the tear-out Flashcard section at the back of the book. When you've mastered the words, you can go on to try out the activities and games for that topic.
There's also a Round-up section to review all your new words and the Answers to all the activities to check yourself.