conversational Arabic in 7 days

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Arabic in a Week is a short course which will equip you to deal with
everyday situations when you visit any of the Arab countess Introducing
yourself. asking for directions. booking accommodation, changing money,
shopping, eating out, using the phone, using public transport and so on.
The course is divided into 7 units each corresponding to a day of the
week. Different topics are Introduced in each unit to Illustrate basic
Arabic which can be used by tounsts or business people during a short
stay in an Arabic speaking country. Each unit includes short Introductions
to the topics covered. dialogues in everyday situations, lists of key words
and phrases with their English equivalent. esenual grammatical
explanations, and exercises for practising spoken Arabic.
A key to exercises is given at the back of this book English-Arabic
vocabulary IS listed under topic headings pp. 79-85 followed by an
Arabic—English Vocabulary starting on p. 86.

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