Essentials of Arabic Grammar for Learning Quranic Language

معلومات الملف

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  • تاريخ الإنشاء 28 أبريل، 2019
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The aim of this book is to enable the learner to acquire an insight knowledge of the Quranic language with a view to understanding the text of the Holy Quran.
In all, this book has 28 lessons. I have tried to make it as simple as I could. During the course of study the learner should acquire the vocabulary right from the start of the book. All the words and phrases used in the lessons should be understood and remembered so that he or she can muster sufficient vocabulary to enable him or her to construct simple phrases and sentences from an early stage of the study. Besides, the learner should recite a page or two from the Holy Quran regularly, and try to apply the grammatical aspects of the language to the verses of the Quran as an exercise.

الملفات المرفقة

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