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Sample Pedagogy Items

Question 1
During an explanation of an important lesson, the teacher noticed that a student whispered a few words to another student. The best action the teacher can take in this situation is to:
A. Continue to explain as if nothing happened.
B. Explain to the student that he/she needs to pay attention during the explanation.
C. Ask the student a surprising question to draw his/her attention to the lesson.
D. Ask the student the reason for talking to their colleague.

Question 2
A mother refuses to allow her son to participate in group work based on her belief that he outperforms his peers, and that the group members do not add to his learning. She asks the teacher to provide her son with individual tasks and activities. What is the best action to take?
A. Consult with the school administration about the mother's request.
B. Understand the mother's desire and reduce group work activities for her son.
C. Explain the positive benefits of cooperative learning for her son and all students
D. Discuss with the student to know his desire regarding this.

Question 3
While teaching a new unit of study, the teacher finds out that the students have difficulty defining relationships between concepts, which in turn reflects on their ability to transfer learning and solve many problems in relation to the unit topic. The most appropriate procedure to help these students to identify the relationships between concepts is to:
A. Break the material down into simple sub-tasks, which are gradually learned by the students.
B. Ask students to draw a conceptual map that organizes the learning material.
C. Ask students to submit a report on each concept.
D. Provide students with sufficient examples to represent each concept.

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